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Non-distracting and gentle music for your Relaxation and Meditation

Audio-only tracks included


Music by K.Nestsiarovich

“Body Relaxation”

Rainy Clouds

Healing Touch

Serene Garden

“Piano & Flute”

Blue Sky



Our Days


Deep Sleep

“Relaxing Moments”

I Miss Falls

Magic Anthem

Wind Down Inspiration

“Spirit Dance”


Night Walking

Spirit Dance


Piano & Flute

Ambient One (melodic)

Ambient Two (less melodic)

Music by Daniel Garza

Relaxing Piano 1

Relaxing Piano 2

Relaxing Piano 3

Relaxing Piano 4

Relaxing Piano 5

Relaxing Piano 6

Music by Illuminated Inc.

Ambient Vocals

Lonely Sunset

Singing Angel

Mystic Pond

Gentle Spirit

Nocturnal Peace

Music Videos by R.G.

Relaxing Video 1

Relaxing Video 2

Relaxing Video 3

Relaxing Video 4

Relaxing Video 5

Relaxing Video 6

Relaxing Video 7

Relaxing Video 8

Relaxing Video 9

Audio-Only Tracks

If you’re going to use audio only tracks on a laptop with automatic sleep mode, keep that browser tab active to prevent your machine from dozing off. Tested on Google Chrome, Edge, and Opera. It doesn’t work on Firefox browser. In such case you’ll have to adjust your power settings to keep your device from falling asleep.