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Early Access Website

Welcome to, your one stop place to find resources and support on your journey to discover Relaxation and Mindfulness. When I first started to work on website, there was a plan to put up a small extension to serve guided meditations and additional instructions. Since then the idea evolved into a project in its own rights and it does its original support role perfectly.

In here you’ll find a fair deal of guided meditations, relaxation and meditation music, and nature sounds to assist you in your meditation practice. That’s of course if you’re all done with our blog, online courses, and Q&A / Discussions forum. There’s something useful here for everyone, and we hope you’ll find what you are looking for.

Please be mindful, we’re only publishing this and our other websites now as an early access. Interesting and fascinating courses and blog articles are being prepared for publishing as well as other purpose made non-profit content. In the meantime enjoy our early Multimedia library and Forum.


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Work Goes On…

We work hard on this project to deliver useful and good quality content, which may help our audience in their efforts to reduce stress and improve quality of their lives. From time to time we will update this website with new blog articles, courses, and multimedia content. Sign up to our update list to receive occasional emails on what’s new.

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