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Guided Meditations

Below you’ll find some fine guided meditations great to jump-start a meditation practice if you want to go this direction or they can be used as a good way to relax. They don’t require any special skills or experience. Just lie down or sit with your back straight and enjoy as a guiding voice brings you closer to your inner self and all the benefits of just being.

GM’s by Nathan Williams

It’s Going to be OK

11 minutes meditation reassuring that things will be fine and having survived problems so far, this time won’t be different. Simple yet powerful suggestion which saved my day few times.

Golden Ocean

Meet your dreams and ambitions in this 12 minutes long journey to the Golden Ocean. Step into spiritual realm people around you can’t see. It’s just you and the Ocean.

Waterfall Meditation

In this 10 minutes long guided meditation, you will wash away your negative feelings with a power of a waterfall and it’s inherent beauty.


Dream up your life the way you wish it to be in this 9 minutes long Imagination guided meditation. Unlock your potential and realize your ambitions.

Your Origin Story

Quite longer, 20 minute meditation in which you’ll be able to ask the Universe for anything you want. So relax and enjoy Your Origin Story.

Spirit Guides

Some sample text to show how a paragraph looks like in this setup. A description of the meditation will come here and hopefully it will look nice enough.

The Power of Love

In this 7 minute Guided Meditation, you’ll be taken on a trip to an ever-present place called love. Don’t get discouraged, love is for everybody.


When we are grateful, all world around us changes before our eyes. Get carried away into the matter of gratitude in this 7 minute Guided Meditation.

A Good Day

Creative suggestion is powerful thing in deed. Experience what would constitute of a good day for you, and enjoy this 8 minute long Guided Meditation

Mother Earth

Connect back with our Mother Earth for a change. Feel her energies and power to heal. In this 10 minute Guided Meditation you’ll go back from where you originally came.

GM’s by Vox2studio

Releasing Thoughts – 8 min.

Joy Meditation – 10 min.

Sleep Meditation – 12 min.

Patience Meditation – 18 min.

GM’s by C.S.

Stress and Anxiety – 10 min.

Mental Health – 10 min.

Chakra Meditation – 13 min.

Releasing Tension – 18 min.

Audio-Only Tracks

If you’re going to use audio only tracks on a laptop with automatic sleep mode, keep that browser tab active to prevent your machine from dozing off. Tested on Google Chrome, Edge, and Opera. It doesn’t work on Firefox browser. In such case you’ll have to adjust your power settings to keep your device from falling asleep.